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  • Learning Chinese Traditional Culture
  • Cast Gear and Relevant Heat Treatment
    Most of the gears are made of steel. This article summarizes some information about the cast gear and relevant heat treatment.
  • Load Capacity Table of Conveyor Roller
    First, you should ensure the size, weight, characteristics of the convey goods. This point is very important even if it is in a special condition..

    Therefore, please make sure you have got the following materials.

    The length, width, h...
  • The Installation and Disassembly of the Belt Pulley
    Pulleys, generally with large size, is belonging to the hub parts.With a simple structure, smooth transmission, buffering the shock-absorbing, transferring power between the large pitch axis and multi-axis, low cost, no lubrication, easy ma...
  • A Brief Introduce of Locking Assembly
    The main use of the locking assembly is the connection function of replacing single and splines, in order to realize the connection of the parts ( such as gear wheel, flywheel, belt pulley) and axle, used to transmit load. It through the f...
  • The Surface Treatment of Roller

    Galvanization applys to light industry, meter, electromechanical, agricultural machinery, national defense industry equipment and so on. It is common used in surface treatment of roller at this time. It is the real environm...
  • Sprocket Wheel Function and Selection
    Sprocket wheel is widely used in chemical, textile machinery, food processing, instrumentation, oil and other industries mechanical transmission
  • Usual Installation of Roller
    Spring with strengthen treatment which can bear more axial force. Even if the pin is un-used, roller still do not fail off from install hole during working. We have desighed the most appropriate axial end length for the different diameter a...
  • The new generation of motorized roller
    24VDC electrodeless adjustable-speed driven mini-motorized roller is researched and made for
    the request of industry today “much lower carbon, much more beneficial for energy saving &pro-environment, much more green, much more intelligent...
  • Features and Benefits
    1, The installation is simple and quick, save effort and save money;
    2, Need not often maintenance, need not to adjust maintenance after installation;
    3, The lowest noise, more comfortable working environment;
    4, Easy to coordinate with ...
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