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How to Select a Good Quality Conveyor Chain - East Precision Machinery Manufacturing


How to Select a Good Quality Conveyor Chain

How to Choose a Perfect Conveyor Chain? You should know the conveyor chain material, chain type and where the chain be used in.

Chain Materials

1. Stainless steel chain

Stainless steel chain is suitable for food industry and situation that are easily eroded by chemicals, drugs and so on. Stainless steel chain can also be used for high and low temperature occasions.

2. Nickel plated chain, galvanized chain, chromium plated chain

All the carbon steel chain is can do surface treatment. After nickel plating, galvanized or chrome treatment, chain surface can be suitable for outdoor rain erosion and other occasions, but can not prevent the concentration of chemical liquid corrosion.

3. Rubber chain

This chain is based on A, B chain series. Add the plate on the chain outer link and stick on rubber in the attached board (such as natural rubber NR, silicone rubber SI). It can increase the chain wear ability, reduce noise, increase the chain shockproof ability.

Chain Types

1. O type sealing ring chain

To prevent dust from entering the roller chain and the oil outflow the roller chain, O sealing ring is arranged between the inside and outside of the roller chain plate. Because the chain has strong parts and reliable lubrication, it can be used for motorcycles and other open drive.

2. Self lubricating chain

This chain has abrasion resistance, excellent corrosion resistance performance, without maintenance, long service life. Self lubricating chain is widely used in high stress and wear-resisting requirements, and the occasions can’t often maintain, such as food industry automation production line, high-end bicycles the car, less maintenance and high precision mechanical.

3. Toothed chain

Toothed chain is widely used in wood industry, such as the feed and output of wood, cutting, conveyor and so on.

4. Side bend chain

This chain has a larger gap between the hinge and the chain plate, so it has greater flexibility. It can be used for bending transmission.

5. Hollow pin chain

Hollow pin chain is used for conveying. You can choose single pitch, double pitch or long pitch chain. Attachment or the bar can be inserted into any chain link without removing the chain

Chain Appplication

1. Motorcycle chain  

Most of the chain used in the engine is the sleeve chain. The chain used outside the engine is roller chain.

2. Agricultural chain

Agricultural chain is suitable for field machinery such as tractors, harvester thresher, etc.. The chain is low cost, but can withstand impact and has high abrasion resistance, in addition, the chain should be coated with grease or automatic lubrication.

3. Agricultural clamping conveying chain

It is suitable for walking type wheat and rice harvester, stationary motor-driven thresher for rice and wheat, and half feed combine harvester.

When you’re sure what type of chain you should choose, then you should check the appearance of the chain.

How to check the chain appearance? Follow the next steps.

1. Check whether the internal / external chain is deformation, crack, rust and corrosion or not.

2. Check whether the pin is deformed, rotated and rust or not.

3. Check whether the roller is crack, damaged, excessive wear and tear or not.

4. Check whether the joint is loose or not.

5. When running, whether there is abnormal sound or vibration or not.

6. Check whether the chain lubrication condition is good or not.


Now, Ddo you know how to select a good quality conveyor chain?