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How to DIY a Clay Model - East Precision Machinery Manufacturing


How to DIY a Clay Model

How to DIY a Clay Model

Ceramic art in China has a long history and a wide range of styles. Chinese ceramic art has been a strong representation in the history of the world.

As early as nine thousand years ago, Chinese ancestors have engaged in fishing and hunting, agricultural production activities. At the same time, they has started building the most primitive buildings. With the invention and use of fire, Chinese ancestors began to create and use the pottery, one of the Chinese ancient culture art creation.

When look at the history of the development of Chinese ceramics, we can find that in different dynasties, pottery appeared different varieties, different styles and different crafts. The pottery in Song dynasty is dainty, in Yuan dynasty is vigorous, in the Ming dynasty is precision, in the Qing dynasty is delicate.

In order to realize the rich and colorful culture of China, the whole staffs in our company attended the DIY Clay model in the afternoon of 7th Feb. We had a nice time together, and it made us more unity.

There are four steps to make a pottery:

1. Shape the clay: throw mud on the turntable center of the jigger, then as the wheel turns, shape the clay.

2. Put the semi dry clay on the mold species. Beat the outer wall of the body evenly. Then demoulding.

3. Dry.

4. Glazing. For practical and decorative purposes, it is usually glazed.

5. Fired pottery.

Then you can get a nice pottery.

We did not make pottery, but we DIY many clay models, there are frog, monkey, dog, superman, cute dolls, crayon Shin Chan and so on. Also we made chicken, because 2017 is the year of the rooster in China.

After firing, we got the clay models. They become our sweetheart clay pendants. We are so happy and proud of it.

We had a relaxed afternoon, and understand the production of the ceramics and clay models. The culture of the ceramic art has attracted us deeply.  

We should have a spirit of originality in the work too. We need continuous innovation of technology to ensure quality. Focus on high quality products. Based on the philosophy: customer-centric, integrity in business world and social responsibility, we will provide more high quality products and best service to our old or new customers. We guarantee high quality conveyor parts all the time, conveyor roller, gar, gear rack, sprocket, chain, coupling, locking assembly and so on.